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Who can mark the beginning of the continuous waves of the ocean? It is an impossible task. If any one decided to do so, the wave with which he starts the calculation will be considered as the beginning, the wave with which he stops his calculation will be for him the last, the end. There is a beginning and an end for his count; there is no beginning or end for the process. No one can visualise either, in that boundless illimitable expanse. God's glory is the shoreless ocean. When one starts describing it, it begins for him; when he finishes his description, it is the end, so far as he is concerned. But, His glory is beyond space and time. Only little minds, limited minds, will argue that God's glory has a beginning and an end. The stage on which He plays (His Leela) has no boundaries.

The story of His Leela is all nectar; it has no other component, no other taste, no other content. Every one can drink his fill, from any part of that ocean of nectar. The same sweetness exists everywhere, in every particle. There is nothing inferior to mar the sweetness.

The love of God and the love for God are both eternally sweet and pure, whatever the method of your accepting or attaining them. Such love is holy and inspiring. Sugar is sweet when eaten during day or during the night. For, it is night or day for the person who eats, not for the sugar. Sugar behaves uniformly always.