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Yudhishtira who was puzzled at the unique behaviour of the child approached Vyasa, the great sage, to know from him the reason of the strange search and learn about the consequences of this attitude. Vyasa said, "Yudhishtira! When this child was in the womb and the deadly arrow that Aswathamma aimed at it in order to destroy it was about to hit its target, Lord Krishna entered the foetal home and made it safe and saved it from destruction."

"This child therefore has been eager to know who had saved him from within the womb where he lay. He started examining every one to find out whether he had the same effulgence that he saw, while a foetus in the womb. Today, he saw that divine form with all its splendour and so, he moved straight towards Him and prayed to be taken up and seated on the lap. This is the explanation for the strange behaviour about which you are curious to know."

Hearing these words of Vyasa, Yudhishtira shed tears of joy and thankfulness. Overjoyed at the limitless grace of the Lord, he paid Him reverential homage.