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At this, Dharmaraja replied, "What can I say when you know best; I shall agree to whatever advice you offer. I seek only the consent of Vaasudeva for whatever course we adopt" and he turned towards Krishna with pleading eyes. Krishna left the decision to the Brahmins. They discussed among themselves for a while and announced at last that the effect of "Three Aswamedhas" can be secured by repeating each Manthra thrice and offering the Brahmins presiding over the rituals thrice the usual fees. Vaasudeva indicated His approval of this suggestion, and taking his cue from this, Dharmaraja declared that he was agreeable. He desired that the Yajna might be inaugurated.

The recitation of the Manthras by the Brahmins shook both earth and sky. The preliminary rites were gone through and the sacrificial horses proceeded on their planned round. They were caparisoned in great style and they carried on their foreheads the declaration challenging any one to take them into custody if he dared. When He, who is the recipient of all Yajnas, (Yajnaswarupa) has taken the role of the presiding authority, no words can describe the fortune of the participants and the witnesses. It drew to a successful close with the valedictory oblation (Poorna-ahuthi).

The experts in sacrificial Manthras, the sages and the Brahmins were loaded with presents and fees. Enormous numbers of cows, large areas of land, and vast quantities of gold were gifted away by the king. The whole nation was filled with happiness. Every one was praising the Yajna as indescribably superb. All who came were fed sumptuously at all hours. Sages and ascetics who saw all this lavishness extolled the Yajna performed by emperor Maruth in the past! They were delighted they got the chance to partake in this Yajna. People once claimed that the Yajna of Maruth was presided over by Indra, the ruler of the Gods and they felt that it made it incomparably superior to any other sacrifice. But now, they congratulated Dharmaraja on securing the Yajnaswarupa (Vaasudeva) Himself to preside over the Yajna, a piece of good fortune far superior to Maruth's and far more difficult to secure.

At the end of the Yajna, those who had come from far off places as well as others returned home. The kings and chieftains took respectful leave of Dharmaraja and went back to their own principalities. The kinsmen of the king stayed for a few days more and left at their convenience to their places.

However, Krishna chose to spend some more time with the Pandavas; so, He stayed on in Hastinapura. The Pandavas were delighted at this signal act of grace; they made suitable arrangements for the residence of the Lord; they served Him every day, they filled their eyes with His beauty, they filled their hearts with his gracious words of instruction; they spent the days in supreme joy. After some time spent thus in the Pandava capital Krishna returned to Dwaraka, taking Arjuna with Him. The inhabitants of Dwaraka were overjoyed when their Lord returned to his capital. They welcomed Him in enthusiastic reverence. They feasted on the Darsan of the Lord and were immersed in Ananda.