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X. The Krishna Mystery

Bhima managed to muster up some courage. He said, "Brother! Grant me leave and I shall proceed to Dwaraka in an instant and return quick bringing full information of all that has happened to remove your fear." Even while Bhima was praying on bended knees for permission, the sun set and the lamps started emitting feeble light from every place.

Meanwhile, a guard from the main entrance rushed in, announcing that Arjuna had come and that he was approaching the royal apartment. Every one rose as if they had suddenly come to life; they hurried forward to meet Arjuna, thirsty for news from Dwaraka. Arjuna came in, depressed and despondent, devoid of any song of joy; without looking the brothers in the face, he rolled over the feet of Dharmaraja.

Dharmaraja noticed the signs which confirmed his fear and became eager to inquire further. He asked about the welfare of friends and kinsmen of Dwaraka. Arjuna could not raise or turn his head. The brothers saw the feet of Dharmaraja streaming with the tears shed by him and were shocked into immobility. Dharmaraja lost all hold on his mind. He tried to lift Arjuna and shaking him by the shoulders, he shouted in agony into his ear, "Brother! What has happened? What has happened? What has happened to the Yadavas? Tell us about that. Our hearts are about to burst. Save us from this terrible anguish".

But, Arjuna did not reply. He could not rise or even spell out words. Dharmaraja, however, continued raining questions on him, inquiring about the welfare of the Yadavas and others, mentioning them by name and asking about each one separately. Arjuna did not react even to this desperate fusillade. He showed no response. He did not raise his face to look on to his brother's.

"You need not tell us the rest; but, this you must tell us; what has Vaasudeva directed you to tell us, what is his message to us; tell us that" Dharmaraja appealed. Arjuna could not bear it any longer. The grief that he had held back so long gushed out in full flood. "We have Vaasudeva no more. O, we are orphaned. We could not keep Him, we have no more luck", he said and fell down on the floor, sobbing.

Sahadeva grasped the situation and its possibilities and he closed all doors that led into the hall. He engaged himself in attempting to soothe the distress.