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"Why repeat a thousand things separately? Every drop of blood coursing through these veins is but a drop from the shower of His grace. Every muscle is but a lump of His love; every bone and cartilage is but a piece of His mercy. Unable to understand this secret, we strutted about, boasting 'I achieved this', and 'accomplished that'. Now, it has become clear to us that without Him we are but bags of skin."

"Of course, the fate of all men is the same. They forget that the all-ruling all-knowing almighty plays with them as puppets; they assume that they are the actual doers and enjoyers; like me they are plunged in ignorance of the basic truth. When we who are far-famed heroes and warriors are in this sad plight, what can we say of ordinary folk who have no chance of awakening into this Jnana?"

"For this, the sad experience I had on my way is the direct proof." Thus said Arjuna and fell back, leaning against the chair that was behind him; for he could not bear the separation from his lifelong support and guide, Krishna.