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"My might and skill had gone with Krishna when He went from here. Or else, how could this misfortune occur of my being a helpless witness of this kidnapping of women and children entrusted to my care? I was tortured on one side by the separation from Krishna and, on the other, by the agony of not carrying out His orders. Like a strong wind that fans the fire, this calamity added fuel to the anguish of my heart. And the queens - those who were living in golden palaces in the height of luxury! When I contemplate their fate in the hands of those fierce savages, my heart is reduced to ashes. O Lord! O Krishna! Is it for this that you rescued us from danger in the past - to inflict on us this drastic punishment?"

Arjuna wept aloud and beat his head against the wall in despair, so that the room was filled with grief; every one shivered in despair. The hardest rock would have melted in sympathy. From Bhima's eyes, streams of hot tears flowed. Dharmaraja was overpowered with fear when he saw him weeping so. He went near him and spoke lovingly and tenderly to him in order to console him. Bhima came to himself after some time; he fell at Dharmaraja's feet and said, "Brother! I do not like to live any more. Give me leave. I shall go into the forest and immolate myself with the name of Krishna on my lips and reach home. This world, without Krishna, is hell to me." He wiped the hot tears with the cloth in his hand.

Sahadeva who was silent so long approached Bhima and said, "Calm yourself; do not get excited. Remember the reply Krishna gave Dhritharashtra that day in the open assembly when He proceeded thither to negotiate peace between us?"