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He knew that Kali had entered his kingdom and was endeavouring to fix its hold on the minds of men. When he became cognisant of its activities, he investigated into the conditions favourable for its spread and with the active co-operation of his teachers and the elders, he enacted special laws to counteract the tendencies Kali aroused. When the elders advised him that such precautions need be taken only when wickedness emerges as crimes, Parikshith did not support that opinion. He was for greater alertness. He wanted to give the lead to his people. "Yatha raja, thatha praja" (as the ruler, so the ruled) is the proverb, he said. He declared that Kali or wickedness can have sway only through the incompetence of the ruler, the loss of self-reliance among the people, the decline in the earning of grace. These three are the factors that promote the plans of Kali. Without them, man cannot fall a prey to his wiles. Aware of this, Parikshith went round his kingdom and sought, day and night, to drive Kali out of his haunts. That is to say, he attempted to give no room to injustice, force, evil character, untruth and violence; his preventive plans were effective. He had so much peace in his kingdom that he could successfully campaign even into the far off Bhadraswa Kethamala, Uttarakuru and Kimpurusha regions.