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"When Arjuna emerged from the hall holding the hand of the bride, the horde of defeated kings and princes yelled that the rules of the contest were broken, since a Brahmin who had no right to compete in bowmanship was allowed to participate and declared the winner. They fell on your grandfather, in an angry clump. But, Bhima pulled out a huge tree by its roots and whirled it at the crowd of foiled kings."

"Observing the fight between the disappointed groups of suitors and the Pandava brothers, Krishna and Balarama were smiling within themselves in appreciation of the successful feat of Arjuna. Your grandfathers had no knowledge who they were; they had not seen them any time previously."

"But when the Pandavas reached their residence, the humble home of a potter, with the newly-won bride, the daughter of Drupada, and when Dharmaraja, the eldest brother, was describing with great exultation the events of the day, Balarama and Krishna, dressed in yellow silk and magnificent to behold, entered that lowly cottage. They fell at the feet of aged Kunthi, mother of your grandfathers. 'Auntie ! We are your nephews', they said. 'We are the children of Nanda and Yasoda', they introduced themselves. Then, they touched the feet of Dharmaraja, prostrating themselves before him. Krishna approached Arjuna and drew him aside, with a sweet simple expression of affection. 'I know you; but you do not know me, I am seeing you now for the very first time. I am the son of Vasudeva; my name is Sri Krishna. I am younger than you are; still, when you achieved that victory in the royal palace, I recognised that you are the Pandava brothers and so, I understood that you had escaped from the palace of lac wherein you were when it was set on fire. From the moment my eyes fell on you at the gathering of suitors there, I somehow felt that you are Arjuna; I told my brother so. This is my brother, Balarama. I was very happy that I recognised you and my brother too shared the joy. At last, I am able to meet you. The bride is the embodiment of virtue and intelligence.'"

"Speaking thus, Krishna called Arjuna to a distance and whispered in his ear, 'Cousin! It is not advisable that you come out in the open, so soon. Stay on, in disguise, for short periods, in one place or other, for some more time'. Then He took leave of His aunt and others and left along with His elder brother Balarama."

"From that day, the affection between Krishna and Arjuna grew more and more intense; it grew into a huge tree and yielded fruits rich with sweetness, which they shared; in that sweetness, their minds merged and became one. Mark! The first time your grandfather met Lord Sri Krishna, He was at the wedding hall of Droupadi, the Kalyana Mantapa. The significance of this lies in the fact that they too were bound throughout the years in bonds of love and affection of unfailing friendship. To consummate that friendship, Krishna taught him the highest wisdom. 'Did you note how chummy that consummate trickster was with your grandfather?'" With that question, Vyasa rose and collected his things, in an attempt to depart.