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"They reported their condition and their surmise to Durvasa. The sage who became aware of the grace that was won by Dharmaraja blessed him profusely; he left the place, with his disciples, by another route avoiding the residence of the Pandava brothers."

"But, Krishna had commissioned Bhima to proceed to the river and bring the sage and his retinue quickly for lunch. As Bhima saw them getting away through another route, he walked quicker but the disciples, afraid of his intentions, ran into the jungle to save themselves! Bhima confronted Durvasa and told him, 'Master! My elder brother ordered me to meet you and bring you, for, lunch is ready for all of you.' Durvasa pleaded inability. 'Bhima! We cannot eat even the fraction of a mouthful. We are full to bursting point. We are not displeased at all with you. I bless you that you may attain every happiness. I shall come to you when you are ruling the world as undisputed sovereigns and I shall then receive your hospitality. Those who sent me to you with sinful motives, they will meet with total destruction.' Wishing the Pandavas the best of luck, Durvasa left, with all his followers."

"Did you notice, Parikshith, the devotion and sense of surrender of your grandfathers had nothing to equal them; so, too, the grace that Krishna showered upon them was unexcelled." When Vyasa was revealing these incidents to show Parikshith the steady faith of the Pandavas and the grace of Krishna, Parikshith listened intently, with awe and reverence, wonder and anxiety, alternatingly affecting his mind. When the dilemma of the Pandavas was described, Parikshith was agitated; when some impending calamity was described, he shed tears of sympathy; when success was described, he shed tears of joy.