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The person who listened, namely, Parikshith was even more overcome with admiration and thankfulness. He was shedding tears of joy; his lips quivered with emotion; his voice was broken by excitement. He could not contain himself. He exclaimed, "Ah, how fortunate I am, that I am born I this lineage! How brave, how devoted, how redoubtable were my forefathers! And, imagine my luck, that I am able o hear their glories from the lips of divine sages like you! Oh, I am indeed thrice-blessed. When I listen to the exploits of my grandfathers and the glories of the Lord Krishna, I can never say I have heard enough. I long to hear more."

"Pray, tell me how the Lord saved and guarded my grandfathers in battle. It will be some source of contentment for my hunger, some quench for my thirst."