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"O, ye ascetics! O, king Parikshith! Doubts may arise in your minds when you hear the story of creation and the early history of man on earth. The processes of the divine will are mysterious wonders; they cannot be grasped by the faculties with which you measure earthly events. Often, they may strike you as devoid of any basis but the Lord will never involve Himself in any deed without proper cause. That will need not be explicable; it is its own prompter. Everything everywhere is due to His will."

"To initiate creation, there must be some attraction that will act as the urge. So, Brahma had to become two, in body and activity. The one body was transformed into two and therefore, where there was one will formerly, two appeared, one which attracted and the other which was drawn towards creation, the feminine and the masculine. Since the one attracted in a hundred distinct ways it was called Satharupa (hundred-faceted) and beloved of Brahma (Brahmapriya). The other was named Manu. These two gained renown in the first stage of creation. Satharupa and Manu were the first progenitors."