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Suka laughed at this. He said, "King! How can the mind be established at the Lotus feet of the Lord, if the ears listen to the characteristics and activities of the Lord? What is your opinion on this point? Tell me." Parikshith said, "Master! I believe that there is no distinction between God, His name and His attributes; is that correct? When the story of the Lord is narrated and listened to, the name of the Lord and the attributes enter the heart through the ears and disperse the darkness of ignorance, isn't it? When the lion enters the forest, the timid jackals flee with their tails between their legs, don't they? The sincere listener will certainly fix his mind on what he heard through the ear. While listening rapturously to the ravishing attributes of the Lord with the captivating smile, the mind will be so attached to the sweetness derived thereby that it can no more be attracted by low and vulgar objects, isn't it? The ear and the mind will both act in unison, then. That alone will yield Ananda."

The King was thus enthusiastically extolling the benefits of listening intently to the activities and majesty of the Lord. Suka interrupted his exultation and said, "O king! The mind has inconstancy as its very nature. How can it give up its nature and attach itself to the feet of the Lord? Is it not an impossible feat?" Suka was attempting to gauge the feelings that filled the mind of Parikshith. Parikshith smiled and replied, "Master! I shall answer, if you kindly permit me, and direct me to do so. The bee will hover around the flower, humming and droning, until it settles down to drink the nectar from it. Once it has entered the flower and tasted the nectar, it will hover, hum and drone no more. It will have no extraneous thought, to disturb its bliss. It will become so intoxicated with the bliss that it will not heed its own safety; for, when the petals close and the flower folds, it allows itself to be imprisoned inside it. Similarly, when once the mind settles on the Lotus feet of that embodiment of beauty and goodness, it can never more crave for anything except the nectar of the Lotus feet."