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"The Lord was born as the twins, Nara and Naryana, and they lived in the forests around Badri in the Himalayas, practising austerities. They had Murthidevi as their mother. The Lord appreciated the intensity of the austerity of the boy Dhruva; He conferred on him the blessing of His vision in concrete form; He sanctified the lives of the parents of Dhruva. He crowned him as the Lord of the polar regions, and set him in the sky as the Pole star. When the downward-falling wicked Vena was cursed and destroyed by the sages, and when his body was churned, the first sovereign ruler of the world emerged, because the Lord took that form; he was Prithu, the first Iswara (lord) of Prithvi (the earth). By his austerity and good conduct, Prithu saved his father from hell. He restored prosperity and morality in the entire world. He built villages, towns and cities on the earth and ordered that man dwell peacefully therein, each performing in loving co-operation with the rest, the duties assigned to him."

"The Lord was born again as the child of Nabhi and Sudevi; He manifested as a Paramahamsa, a realised sage, and He taught the supreme remedy for all ills viz., renunciation (Thyaga) and the ways of cultivating it. Later, the Lord took form as Yajna, in a Brahma-yajna, and since, above the neck, He had the form of a horse, He was called Haya (horse) - griva (head). The breath of Hayagriva became manifest as the Vedas. Meanwhile the wily Ogre, Somaka, stole away the Vedas and hid them in the surging floods of Pralaya (the great dissolution). So, the Lord had to assume the form of a fish, search for the Vedas amidst the depths of the sea, destroy the Ogre and bring the Vedas over to be restored to Brahma and thus, re-establish on earth the ways of living laid down in the Vedas and the goal of life marked out therein. The Lord has thus assumed many forms appropriate for each need and manifested Himself on countless critical occasions and showered His grace on the world. He has destroyed the fear and agony of mankind; He has rescued the good and the godly. Countless are the narratives of such advents. His will results in His advent; so it is foolish to investigate into the reasons that prompted Him to incarnate."

"Those who seek to know or lay down the causes for the Lord willing, one way and not another, are really fools venturing on an impertinent adventure; so too are those who assert that His power and His plans have such characteristics, qualifications and limits, and those who claim to know that the Lord will act only in this particular mode, and those who declare that the divine principle is of this nature and not otherwise!"

"There can be no limit or obstacle to His will. There can be no bounds to the manifestation of His power and His glory. He fructifies all that He wills; He can manifest in whatever form He wills. He is unique, incomparable, equal to Himself alone. He is His own measure, witness, authority."