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"Next, the mystery of the Krishna incarnation! That embodiment of sweetness is most captivating! Exquisite charm, unrivalled sweetness, incomparable love, - the Krishna form was the concretisation of all these! That form was the treasure-house of bliss; it was the ocean of virtue. O, what innocence! What superhuman excellence! The mere sight of Him is enough; listening to His words is enough; merely touching Him is enough; one's life will find its goal! All rituals, all sacrifices, all scriptural ceremonies have as their goal only this, this sight, this listening, this touch. The gain that accrues from the rites etc., are nothing when compared to the gain from the sight and the touch, and the listening to His voice. No. They are nothing at all. Ah! What immeasurable sweetness!"

Contemplating on that form, recollecting the charm and the loveliness, the sage started shedding profuse tears of joy; he was so full of inward bliss that he stopped his narration and lost all consciousness of himself and his listeners.

The ascetics around him and the king himself were overcome with wonder at the rare sight of the sage's Samadhi; the illumination on his face had an overpowering impact on all. They sat like statues, afraid to disturb the sage and immersed in their own amazement and joy.

After some time, Suka opened his eyes, and exclaimed "How fortunate were the Gopas and Gopis (the herdsmen and maids) who lived then. How their bodies must have shone with the divine joy they experienced, when they moved in His company, played with him, talked with Him, sang with Him and shared supreme Ananda with Him! Gods envied their luck, for, it was a chance they could not secure. Those simple illiterate folk could get the singular good fortune as a consequence of the merit acquired by them in many previous lives. Those Gopas and Gopis were not just common men and women. No. At first sight they struck one as simple unlearned folk, that was all. But, they had, within them, a vast treasure of revealed wisdom, which only few could appreciate and understand. Or else, how could they secure the bliss of the Lord's touch, which even Rukmini and Sathyabhama could not win so easily! The Gopas and the Gopis can be said to be more fortunate than those queens. Their good fortune was the fruit of the good of the Lord's story, in the background of Mathura, Brindavan, Gokula, the banks of the Yamuna, Nanda-Yasoda, Vasudeva-Devaki and others. Bhagavatha includes the stories of all the incarnations of Bhagavan or the Lord. All incarnations were the manifestations of the selfsame Gopala, Krishna, from Go-Loka or Vaikunta. The story of each is but the story of Vaasudeva, emerging from Him and merging in Him. That divine power is the sustaining factor for all incarnations as well as all living beings.