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"Meanwhile, one Gopi took too long a time to light her lamp at the house of Krishna; the others who came behind her got impatient; they had no chance to have their lamps lit. Yasoda who was in the inner apartments came out and seeing her, cried out, 'O, what calamity is this!' and tried to awaken her with a pat on the back. But, she did not open her eyes. Those around her dragged her gently away from the lamp and laid her down so that she may rest a while. Her fingers had got badly burnt and charred. With great effort, she was brought back to consciousness. On inquiry she revealed that she saw Krishna in the flame of the lamp, and in that joyful experience, she did not know that her fingers were in the flame and were being burnt; she felt no pain at all."

"Uddhava was astounded at this incident, which was another wonderful instance of the devotion of the Gopis."