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"Gopala is Lokapala, and not a cowherd boy. (Go - means cow; Pala means - he who fosters and protects. Loka, means the World). The form He has assumed is Human, that of a cowherd boy; that is all. But, really speaking He is the most auspicious form who liberates Jivis from bondage having in His hands, Sakthi, (power) Yukthi (means of attainment) and Mukthi (freedom from bondage)."

Parikshith was supremely delighted at these words of the sage; "My grandparents had the unique good fortune of being in the divine company of Gopala; they played with Him; they talked with Him; they had the bliss of His company and presence. Well, I am able to listen to the description of at least a fraction of His glory and enjoy the Ananda therefrom. This too is great good fortune. This chance of hearing about it from such a celebrated sage as you are, is also due to the blessings of those grandparents. Can such a chance be won, without special good luck" said Parikshith, with tears of joy flowing down his cheeks.

He said, "Master! I have heard that Gopala trampled on the serpent Kaliya and humbled its pride. What is the inner meaning of that sport? What great truth underlies that miracle? How was it considered to be an amazing sign of His glory? Please describe these to me and remove the doubt that afflicts me," he prayed.