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"He was overwhelmed with exhilaration when he reminded himself that he had the fortune to have such divine beings as his pupils and that he could call himself their Guru. He prostrated mentally before them; with tears streaming down his cheeks, he embraced them and arranged for their leave-taking from the Asram."

"Balarama and Krishna rode on their chariot, after taking leave of the Guru and his wife and reached the city of Mathura. The inhabitants of that city, on hearing how the brothers demonstrated their gratitude to their Guru, extolled them for their divine compassion and capabilities. They felt immensely happy that they had come back among them."

"O king, reflect for a while how inspiring was the example of Gopala Krishna while he was undergoing his education and how much his conduct and earnestness contributed to the joy of the elders. Every act of Krishna, however tiny and unimportant on the surface, had a deep significance and meaning. Fools cannot discover it so they treat these acts as insignificant. Is there in this world any one who can affirm that he can teach the art of swimming to the fish? Similarly, who can teach and become the preceptor of God? Though all learning emanates from Him and is to be earned through His grace, He plays the role of a pupil, as a representative of the ideal pupil, in order to show the world, by His own example, the way in which a Guru is to be chosen and served, the quality of humility that education must instil, and the gratitude and respect that the pupil has to offer to the teacher. It is with the intention of guiding and prompting the students of today that Krishna Himself went through the educational process and lived the ideal. Notice how subtle is the mystery of God and His Leelas!" While Suka was repeating these words, tears of joy flowed down his cheeks in streams."