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The teaching conferred by Suka today is not directed to Parikshith alone; it is for all of us, they said; it is for all who are afflicted by the delusion that they are the body in which they are encased. This type of delusion is the cause of bondage; but, the other type, the belief that we are the Atma, that is the means of liberation. This is what the Vedas and the Sastras declare. The mind which welcomes the delusion or which entertains the idea of the reality is therefore the instrument, for both bondage and liberation. 'Mana evaa manushyaanaam kaaranam bandha mokshayoh'. This statement of the Sruthi is the truth. Ruminating thus for some time, the people sat with eyes closed, lost in prayer. When the sun was about to set, the sages walked towards the bank of the sacred Ganga, holding the water pot (Kamandalu) and stick (Danda) in their hands, so that they could perform the evening rites.