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"Had it not been for them, my ideals would have evaporated and I would have imbibed the vices of people who flatter me, and become another hardhearted Kamsa! Therefore, I conclude that the sinful acts of Kamsa have to be attributed, to a certain extent, to the vices inherent in the scholars, elders, ministers and subjects of Kamsa's kingdom."

"Of course, you are most competent to pronounce upon the correctness of this inference. Well, why should I waste the few remaining hours of my life in seeking faults in others or analysing their causes and consequences? It is best, I sanctify every second; tell me, master, about the holy moment of birth, when my very breath, Gopala, appeared upon the earth." Praying thus, Parikshith fell at the feet of Suka and sat up, with eyes closed, eager to listen. He was yearning in happy expectation, to learn from Suka the amazing mystery of the birth.

Suka related the story thus: "Maharaja! The foetus of the seventh pregnancy was taken and transferred to the womb of the wife of Vasudeva, Rohini by name, who was in Gokula, under the protection of Nanda. This was done in order that the child may grow into a companion and helpmate for Gopala. Rohini gave birth to a son, who was name by Garga, the family preceptor, as Balarama, since he was extraordinarily strong in body and he charmed every one by his innocence and intelligence. Since he was transferred from the womb of Devaki to that of Rohini, he was also named Samkarshana (He who was attracted, drawn)."

"Meanwhile, the eighth pregnancy completed nine months; Devaki and Vasudeva held their lives in the grasp of their palms, for, they were agonised over what might happen any moment, when the delivery would take place. What Kamsa would do to punish them or to destroy the enemy he feared! They sat helpless, in great anguish, without food or sleep. When Kamsa learnt that the nine months had passed, he took extra precautions to see that the child does not escape him. He ordered that Vasudeva and Devaki be shackled with chains, on hands and feet; he locked the doors of the prison with even more formidable contrivances. He placed larger numbers of even more alert and able guards around the prison. He arranged that, once every five minutes, the guards must examine and satisfy themselves that the inmates are within the prison walls. Kamsa was ceaselessly worried and anxious about the birth and what might happen to him, therefrom."

"But, who can hinder the inscrutable operation of the will of God? Can the divine mystery be penetrated and unravelled? Fools cannot grasp the truth, who cannot recognise divinity and measure the power of God, who have no faith in God, live in the delusion that their petty plans will save them and that they can triumph through their own efforts! The fact is, not even the smallest success can be won without God's grace."

"Though this is true, we should not sit with folded hands believing that a thing will accomplish itself, if and when God wills. Human effort is essential, and man must himself make a trial. He must use the strength and skill that he is endowed with, and resolve to proceed with the work, laying the responsibility for success on God. For, without the grace of God, every effort will be rendered fruitless."