20. Leaving no Foot-prints behind

Extract from lecture notes taken by M.K. Krishnaswamy: For the complete lecture, click HERE  

Pure awareness has no past, no future; it just is, unqualified by anything. Birds do not leave any mark as they glide gracefully in the air; fishes do not leave a mark when they swim in the ocean. Neither haunted by the past nor taunted by the future, the Gnyanis live a blissful life, leaving no footprints behind. They seem to be walking along a path; but if you observe carefully there are no footprints. There is no path as well, for they have no goals.

Leaving no footprints in their mind as they act dynamically and selflessly, and living their lives without fear, free from pride and regret, empty, totally selfless and pure in oneself, with no desire, no grudge, at ease with themselves and with all of Godís creation, subject to no pulls or pushes, the saints are ever blissful and are always in the present. Is it any wonder that the most beautiful actions come out of such divine persons?

The Gita calls them sthita-pragnyas, rooted in the conscious Self.
                                                                                         Swami Chidananda of Chinmaya Mission
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In this context, please also read the following quote   from  J. Krishnamurti:

Innocence alone can be passionate.
The innocent have no sorrow, no suffering,
though they have had a thousand experiences.

It is not the experiences that corrupt the mind
but what they leave behind, the residue, the scars, the memories.
These accumulate, pile one on top of the other, and then sorrow begins.
This sorrow is Time.
Where time is, innocence is not.

Passion is not born of sorrow.
Sorrow is experience, the experience of everyday life,
the life of agony and fleeting pleasures, fears and certainties.
You cannot escape from experiences,
but they need not take root in the soil of the mind.
These roots give rise to problems, conflicts and constant struggle.

There is no way out of this but to die each day to every yesterday.
The clear mind alone can be passionate.
Without passion you cannot see the breeze among the leaves
or the sunlight on the water.
Without passion, there is no love. --J. Krishnamurti