Choose the Shreyas:

At all times and, more so now, pleasures tempt the weak mind. In such situations, one might remember Yama's advice to Nachiketas in Kathopanishad (Part I, Canto II, Sloka 3):

The preferable (Shreyas) and the pleasurable (Preyas) approach man. 
The intelligent one selects the electable in preference to the delectable; 
the non-intelligent one selects the delectable.

True it is that the two are subject to human option; 
still, since they are not easily distinguishable, 
humans of poor intellect perceive them as intermixed. 
Just as the swan separates the milk from water, 
similarly the dheerah, one of intelligence, separates them and 
having distinguished between the preferable and pleasurable, 
selects the shreyas, the electable because of its higher value. 
The mandah, one of poor intelligence, lacking in discrimination, 
selects the preyas, the delectable. 

Good befalls the one who accepts shreyas,  the preferable among the two. 
One who selects the pleasurable falls from the true goal.