Change is the essence of life.

When we stand still in space,
we part the air and,
as we move,
air moves in to make it whole.

We have other reasons for moving;
but the wise ones move
to make things whole.

Movement is the essence of time;
the whole world moves with it
in one direction -- forward.
Our physical body moves with time --
growing, ageing, decaying.

Our mental image of our 'Self'
should grow with time, not decay,
maturing like the fruit on a tree.

It is then harvested by the creator
not to be born again.

In our every day life, we shall be happy
if we move to integrate. For, move, we have to.

Let us not get attached to the space of
power, pelf, position
that we temporarily occupy,
and always remember that
we have to move on.

A movement with resentment
brings in bitterness, division and misery.
Moving willingly to integrate,
leaving the space we occupy,
brings in fullness - Ananda, Bliss-eternal,