Knowledge and wisdom

Eastern holy "fools", 
who sometimes refer to the mind as "the wild monkey", 
have invented many exercises to tame it. 
They created and refined certain techniques of meditation 
in order to study themselves 
and discover ways to become free from mental and emotional conditioning. 

The West hastened to rely on observational 
rather than experiential studies of the human condition. 
We focus our microscopes on cells and sub-atomic particles, 
observe rats and chimpanzees and extrapolate to our own situation, 
or set up experiments in which one group of humans studies another. 
These methods lead us to what could be called "informative" knowledge, 
but not "transformative" knowledge which is wisdom. 

The spiritual teacher Ram Dass describes the difference this way: 
"You can either be wise or you can know knowledge. 
But you can't know wisdom; 
you have to "be" it.
Wisdom has simplicity to it. 

What the spiritual path offers is a way to come back into balance, 
to develop our intuition and the wisdom of our heart, 
so that the intellect is no longer the master, 
but instead, is the servant of the heart -----
the part of us that brings us into unity with ourselves and all other beings"

from : " Crazy Wisdom" , Scoop Nisker