'No, thanks; I am an addict.'
'Strange that you should reply like that.'
'But you know, addiction is a devil and I should remember it always.'
'Do you believe in devils? '
'I believe in devils, little ones.
There are very few big ones around on earth; too easy for them.
They send the little fellows here, to get some practice.
Their game is simple; you have to be very careful.
You give in a little and they get you a little.
They are patient; they grab you slowly.
First, you can still make a few decisions, you can still say No now and then;
But, gradually, they take over. And when they have you,
They can do anything they like with you.'
'And, where do they take us?'
'To jail, or to a precipice. They don't have to shove you;
you'll jump by yourself. You do not even know you are jumping!'

'And where will you be then? In eternal hell?'
'I don't know. I don't think so. I believe there is a hell, but not for ever. You'll probably be free again. Some day you will find out where you are and you will want to get out. And if you want to get out, you can get out.'
(A Glimpse of Nothingness by J Van de Wetering - pp.88)