Gita according to Gandhi (Ch. XVIII)

This concluding discourse sums up the teaching of the Gita. It may be said to be summed up in the following: "Abandon all duties and come to Me, the only Refuge" (66). That is true renunciation. But abandonment of all duties does not mean abandonment of actions; it means abandonment of the desire for fruit. Even the highest act of service must be dedicated to Him, without the desire. That is Tyaga (abandonment), that is Sannyasa (renunciation).

The copyright held by Navjivan Trust on Gandhi's literary works expired on January 1, 2009 making the road open for other publishers to reproduce the same.

Jaico’s "Bhagwad Gita by Mahatma Gandhi" is likely to hit the market in May-June this year. “We are reformatting the entire book to make it more readable and appealing for readers,” says RH Sharma of Jaico Publishing House. “Quotes by Mahatma Gandhi” is another volume which is in the pipeline, Sharma adds.

Indiana publishers have already launched Gandhi’s “My Experiments with truth.”