1. Spirituality: 

2. Inward Beauty:  

3. Beauty is, where you are not:

4. To look is one of the most difficult things in life: 

5. One has to find out for oneself what it means to die; then there is no fear:  

6. Intelligence, not intellect: 

7. On the interval between thoughts: 

8. Truth is a pathless land:  

9. Truth is eternally there:

10. You must climb towards the Truth: 

11. On Organizations: 

12. Barriers to understanding: 

13. Love has no pain or pleasure: 

14. Envy and jealousy: 

15. Sentiment and emotion breed cruelty: 

16. How is it possible for the mind to be free? 

17. If you are bored, why not be bored?

18. The Future is Now: 

19. It is only in freedom that anything can flourish:  

20. Choice, in every form, is conflict:  

21. Love and there is no sin:  

22. The outside is the inside:  

23. The Pitcher Can Never be Filled (On meditation): 

24. 'What is a religious man?':