Preparations were going on in full swing in Vrindavana for performance of the traditional yajna to pacify King Indra, the master of rains. Krishna asked his father the reason for such elaborate arrangements.  Nanda Maharaj replied that the preparations were intended to pacify King Indra because rainfall was due to the mercy of King Indra. On this, Krishna said that whatever benefit is derived from worship of demi-gods is actually bestowed by the Supreme God. It was not Indra who was giving them the rain but it was the Govardhana Hill that was responsible for the rains. Therefore, they should worship Govardhana Hill which was as good as worship of the Supreme God.

The cowherd men then inquired as to how this yajna was to be performed. Krishna told them to prepare rich and tasty foodstuffs of all descriptions and offer them to Govardhana Hill. This foodstuff (Prasadam) should then be distributed to the villagers. When this  yajna was performed, King Indra became angry and sent hige, black clouds to drown Vrindavana. There was a constant downpour of heavy rain with lightening, storm and thunder. At that time all the inhabitants of Vrindavana looked at Krishna and prayed for his help. Krishna lifted the Goverdhana Hill with the little finger of his left hand just like an umbrella and requested all the inhabitants to take shelter under it along with their property and cattle.

For seven days consecutively it rained heavily but Indra could not harm the villagers or the cattle because of the umbrella provided by Krishna. Seeing the extraordinary divine power of Krishna, Indra was humbled; he understood that the protector of Brij was none other than Narayana Himself.  He directed the clouds to return and stopped the rain.

When it stopped raining and the floods receded, the residents of Brij came out from under the Govardhana Hill and returned home with their families, their cattle and other properties. Krishna put down the Hill in the same position that it had been before!

Indra learned a lesson and the villagers adored and admired their Krishna.