Deliverance From Asuras

Move To Brindavan

A Gopa, Upananda by name, who was a wise man said to the Gopas, “It is not safe now to dwell any more in Gokul. Many portents have occurred here. This place has become unsafe for our children. This child Krishna was saved with great difficulty from Putana and other Asuras. Achyuta only protected him when the trees fell down. Let us take our children and go to Brindavan this very day with our attendants and followers. That only is a fit place for our cattle, Gopis and Gopas. There are lovely hills, pasture lands, fresh verdure, herbs and plants.”

The Gopas unanimously expressed their approval. Balarama and Krishna saw Govardhana, Brindavan and the banks of the Yamuna and became immensely delighted. They tended the calves in the company of Gopa boys. They played with other boys as ordinary children.

Deliverance Of Dhenukasura

One day Gopas approached Krishna and Balarama and said, “Not far off is an extensive grove of palmyra trees. There are rows of trees full of ripe palmyra fruits. But nobody can enter it, because one Asura Dhenuka by name with many of his kin, prevents people from entering the grove. He has the form of an ass. He has already killed many men.

Dhenukasura and all his kins were all killed by Rama and Krishna. After the death of Dhenuka and his relatives, people entered the grove fearlessly and the cattle also freely grazed on the pasture in that grove.

Boys And Cows Saved From Poison

Once Krishna without Balarama but with his other playmates, went to the Yamuna, after wandering through the forest of Brindavan. As the cowherd boys and the cows and the calves were oppressed by the heat of the summer, they felt extremely thirsty. They drank the poisoned water of the Yamuna. They fell dead on the bank of Yamuna soon after they drank it. Sri Krishna revived them by a mere glance radiating forth the life-giving nectar. They regained their consciousness, got up from the edge of the water and began to look at one another in great astonishment. They came to know that they fell dead by drinking the poisonous water of the Yamuna and that Sri Krishna brought them back to life by his gracious looks.

Deliverance From Vatsasura

Once Krishna and Balarama were playing with other cowherd boys and tending the calves on the bank of the Yamuna. An Asura assumed the form of a calf and got mixed among the herd. He had the evil intention of killing Krishna and Balarama. Krishna discovered the Asura in the form of a calf in the midst of his calves and pointed him out to Balarama. Then He silently approached the demon. He caught him by the hind legs and tail and whirled him round and round his head and struck him against a tree. The Asura died. The cowherd boys praised Sri Krishna and the Devas showered flowers on Sri Krishna.

Deliverance From Bakasura

One day the cowherd boys went to a tank to drink water. They saw a huge monster or Asura in the form of a Baka (crane), who was a friend of Kamsa. The Asura suddenly rushed at Sri Krishna to strike Him with his hard beak. Sri Krishna held the two beaks apart and tore them asunder like a blade of grass. The Asura died. The gods rained flowers on Krishna.

Deliverance From Aghasura

One day Krishna was playing with the boys in the forest. At that time a mighty Asura called Agha, who was the younger brother of Putana and Bakasura, came there under the direction of Kamsa. Even the Devas who were rendered immortal by Amrita were afraid of Agha.

The wicked Asura assumed the huge body of a boa-constrictor, one Yojana (8 miles) in length and stout like a big hill. The extremities of his open mouth touched the clouds and the earth. It kept open its cave-like mouth in order to swallow Krishna and his associates. All the boys with all their calves clapped their hands and with a smile entered the mouth of the serpent.

The serpent did not close it's mouth. It waited with it's mouth opened to swallow Krishna himself. Krishna entered the mouth of the serpent and expanded Himself to huge dimensions in the throat of the Asura. The Asura died. Krishna gave fresh life to the cowherd boys and calves and came out with them from the mouth of the Asura. A brilliant light emanated from the huge body of the serpent and entered the body of Krishna.