Sri Krishna And His Flute

The forest was lovely and charming on account of the autumn. The water was very clear. A gentle breeze was blowing. Sri Krishna with Balarama, cows and cowherd boys, entered the forest to enjoy the beauty of the scene. Lord began to play on His flute. The Gopis forgot themselves when they heard the music. The music of the flute stole the hearts of all.

Some Gopis said, “The flute ought to have done great meritorious deeds. That is the reason why it directly enjoys the nectar of Sri Krishna’s lips. The water that nourished it is thrilling with joy and the plant from which it took its birth is shedding tears of joy in the form of honey, just as devotees of God shed tears of joy when devotees take birth in their own family line.”

Other Gopis said, “This Brindavan has spread the fame of the earth even to Vaikuntha, because it has obtained the grace of being marked with the footprints of Sri Krishna. How beautiful does Brindavan look from the touch of Sri Krishna’s lotus feet! There is no place on earth like Brindavan!

When Sri Krishna played on His enchanting flute, the peacocks danced in joy keeping tune with the music. They took the sound to be the mild roar of cloud. Hearing the music of the flute other animals stood motionless. Even the deer heard the music of the flute and made an offering of their loving glances. Even celestial women became absorbed in the music and lost their external consciousness. The cows drank the nectar of music with ears erect and stood motionless with tears of joy in their eyes. The calves eagerly listened to the music and stood with their mother’s milk in their mouths. Even the birds sat high on trees and silently heard the enrapturing music of the flute. Even the whirlpools in the rivers showed their strong desire to meet Sri Krishna. The rivers showed their love to Sri Krishna. They stopped their course to hear the sweet music of Krishna. With their arms of waves they threw offerings of lotuses and took hold of Sri Krishna’s feet in order to embrace them. The clouds in the sky spread themselves over Him like an umbrella. When He played on the flute in the hot sun, they sprinkled on Him showers like offerings of tiny white flowers and thus offered themselves at the feet of Krishna.

The flute is the symbol of Pranava. It is this flute that attracted the devoted Gopis, the maidens of Vraja to meet their beloved Lord on the banks of the sacred Yamuna. The divine melody of the flute was enchanting. It had wonderful power. When it entered the core of the heart through the cavity of the ears, it made the hearer forget all his dear relations, the world, and even his own self. It made the hearer dance in ecstasy and filled his heart with pure love. The sound of this divine flute thrilled the heart with rapturous delight and instilled new life and joy. It produced God-intoxication in all beings and infused life even in insentient objects. The sweetness of the music was unsurpassed. He who heard once the music of Krishna’s flute, cared not for the nectar of heaven or the bliss of Moksha.

The bamboo reed makes divine music in the hands of a great artist.  We should similarly submit ourselves to the Will of the Lord, the soul that is for ever residing within us, if we want to lead our lives in great harmony. 


The sound of Krishna's flute is the divine call to ecstasy, hearing which one gives up all attachments and becomes merged in Him. It is the call saying: "Give up all and follow Me." Happy are those who can hear this and start living in eternal Bliss -
yasya brahmani ramate cittam
nandati nandati nandatyeva