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Lord Krishna - Teachings At Young Age
Stealing Of Clothes

The cold season (Hemanta) set in. The girls of Nanda’s Vraja observed a vow and worshipped Goddess Katyayani (Durga). They ate only the purest food. They prayed, “O Katyayani! O ruler of the universe, O great Goddess of wonderful Yogic powers! Let the son of Nanda be our husband. We bow to your feet.” They observed the vow for a month. They took their bath every day in the river Yamuna in the early morning. One day, they left their clothes on the bank and went down into the river to bathe. They sang the praise of Krishna and sported in great joy in the river.

Sri Krishna together with all His friends went to the bank of the fiver to fulfil the object of their vow. He took away their clothes and quickly climbed the nearest Kadamba tree. He asked the girls to come up and take them. They did so. Krishna returned the clothes.

Krishna then said to the Gopis, “O virtuous and pure girls! I know your resolve. The vow you took has been observed well. You want to worship Me. I approve of it. You will succeed. Those who devote their mind and heart to Me will not obtain the limited objects of desire of this world, for when I become the object of their desire, their desires get burnt. Just as a grain fried or boiled does not germinate, so also the desires directed towards Me cannot lead to worldly enjoyments. Go back to Vraja. Your object in worshipping Katyayani is gained. You will sport with me during the coming autumnal nights.

Krishna And The Vedic Yajna

Sri Krishna accompanied by Balarama and the cowherd boys went far away from Brindavan. It was the summer season. The rays of the sun were extremely severe. The trees gave shade. Krishna said, “Look, my friends! How noble-minded these trees are! They live only for the good of others. They suffer from the winds, the rains, the sun and the frost. Their life is the best life. They sustain other forms of life. They do not send away any one disappointed. They give something to whoever may approach them. They offer their leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, bark, fragrance, juice, fuel, buds, resin, ashes, charcoal, tender shoots, shade, etc., and satisfy the wants of all living creatures. Of all living beings, those who do good to others by their lives, wealth, wisdom and their words justify their birth.”

Some of the boys became hungry and approached Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna said that the Brahmins, versed in the Vedas, were performing a great sacrifice called Angirasa for the purpose of attaining Heaven in a place which was at a short distance from there.Krishna asked boys to go there and ask them for food.

The boys went to the sacrificial hall and asked for food from the Brahmins. The Brahmins turned a deaf ear to them. They looked upon Sri Krishna as an ordinary mortal and ignored His request. Yajna was all in all for them, but they disregarded the Lord of the Yajnas. They thought that they were superior to Krishna. When the Brahmins said neither ‘yes’ nor ‘no’, the cowherd boys lost hope, returned disappointed, and reported the facts to Sri Krishna. Krishna laughed and told boys to go to the wives of the Brahmins. They did. The ladies hastened to Krishna with dishes full of eatables of all sorts despite the protests of their husbands, brothers and sons.

Sri Krishna welcomed ladies.Lord Krishna said, " Tell me what I should do for you. You have come only to see Me. I am Atman and therefore the most beloved. Those who care for Atman have unconditional and unswerving devotion towards Me. The Prana, Buddhi, mind, body, wife, children, relatives and wealth become dear for the sake of Atman only. What can there be more dear than Atman? Now you have seen Me. Go back to your husbands. They have to perform the sacrifices with your help.”

The wives of the Brahmins said, “O Lord! We have sought your feet only. We have abandoned our relatives. Let us wear in our locks the wreath of Tulasi leaves that may fall from your feet. Our husbands, parents, sons, brothers and relations will not accept us. We will be discarded by everyone else in the world. We have no other support. We have laid ourselves at your feet. Be gracious to extend your protection to us. Let us be Thy servants.”

But Sri Krishna assured them that there husbands, sons, parents, etc., will not be displeased with them. By Krishna's command, all people, even the Devas, approved of their conduct. A person accepted by Lord is honoured by the whole world. Mere physical nearness to Lord or direct contact with him is not necessary for love or devotion. Think of Krishna with all heart and one will soon attain the Almighty.

The wives of those Brahmins returned to the sacrificial hall. The Brahmins did not find fault with their behaviour. When the Brahmins came to know that Sri Krishna was God Himself, they repented very much for their conduct. For fear of Kamsa they could not go to Brindavan. They worshipped Krishna at home.

Coronation Of Sri Krishna

Surabhi (Kamadhenu), the divine mother of cows thanked Sri Krishna for the services done to her children and said, “O Krishna! O great Yogin! O Inner ruler of all! O Achyuta! We have found out Lord in Thee. Thou shalt be our Indra for the good of cows, Brahmanas and the Devas. By the command of Brahma, we shall install thee as our Indra.”

Having thus spoken to Krishna, Surabhi bathed Him with her own milk. Indra along with other Devas, by the command of the Deva mothers, bathed Him with the water of the Akasa Ganga (Heavenly Ganga) brought by Airavata in its trunk. They all proclaimed Krishna to the world by the name Govinda, (Go—Indra, cows, Swarga—Vinda—attain). The Rishis, Gandharvas, Vidyadharas, Siddhas and Charanas all joined the inauguration ceremony. The three worlds became full of joy. Cows then flooded the earth with their milk. The rivers flowed with milk and other beverages. Trees yielded sweet honey. Rich crops were harvested on fields not ploughed by the hand of man. Mountains offered precious jewels. Even the wild animals became mild.

Having thus crowned Krishna as the Lord and Protector of cows and Gokula, and having proclaimed Him as Govinda and obtained His permission, Indra returned to Swarga with the Gods and others.

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