Message from Sri Amma on "Guru Peyarchi" that falls on 13th June 2001:  

On that day, offering prayers to Guru Bhagwan and to think of him has a special significance.  Guru's Paarvai is not limited to marriage only; he also bestows  Gnanam, Peace and Happiness on his devotees.

On 13th, depending on availability, keep either Lord Dakshinamurthy Picture or Vigraham facing North Direction.  I am asking Mani (NRS) to scan and e-mail to you a picture of Lord Dakshinamurthy.  Light a lamp and recite the following Prayer:

devanam-cha rishinam-cha gurum kanchana sannibham
buddhi hutam trilokesam tam namami brihaspatim.

swami.jpg (733537 bytes)
Sri Dakshinamurthy
Click for full picture.

The number of times to be recited should be in odd numbers i.e., 1-5-7-9-11 etc.  Minimum number should be 5 times. Yellow cloth and yellow flowers should be offered to the Lord.  Prasadam to be offered: "Kondai, Kadalai.  Chundal".  Since Guru will be in the new house for one year, this should be done every Thursday for one year.  This Paaraayanam can be done in the respective houses also. Please inform members of Nandalala Mission and others.

With Blessings


End of Sri Akka's message.