SRI Amma'S Speech on

1st JANUARY 2002.

This is the year 2002, and the total adds to the number "4". Two zeroes between two 2's indicates equanimity of mind. Four is also the number associated with "Raahu", (which is a "Chaya Graha" or Shadow planet, also known as one of the lunar nodes in western astrology ) and Four is also the number associated with "Budha"( Mercury). This year will have the dominance of "Raahu". Hence, we must plan for that in everything.

Here's what you can do:

This year may also bring disturbing news to parents relating to their young children - falling down and getting injured, or water related illnesses. Mixed marriages will be more this year and adults will have concerns about their age and health. To overcome all this,

My Blessings to all of you!