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"Meanwhile, a cry was heard from behind, 'You wretched swine! Where are fleeing to? Stop where you are.' The boar paid no heed to that cry; it moved on, as if it had not heard it. Then, Hiranyaksha, the evil-minded Ogre-chief confronted it like a terrible monster, and challenged it to overcome his might. A mortal combat ensued between the two. Witnessing the frightful thrusts and counter-thrusts, Goddess earth shivered in fear but, the boar consoled Her saying, 'O Goddess, do not be frightened. I shall end this Ogre's life immediately. I shall ensure safety and peace for you, in a moment.' Soon, the boar became terrible to behold, the Goddess was greatly agitated about the encounter; the boar fell upon Hiranayksha with overwhelming might and the Goddess closed Her eyes in sheer terror, unable to bear the sight of the devastating form of the boar. The duel was fought with indescribable fury, but, in the end, Hiranyaksha was torn to pieces and cast upon the ground."

"Thus, the Lord assumed various forms according to the needs of the situation, the forms best suited for the destruction of the wicked Danavas (the race of evil-minded Ogres), and for the protection of the good and godly, and the preservation of the scriptures that reveal the truth, the Vedas. In this manner, the Lord incarnated as the fish, the tortoise, the man-lion, and the short-statured (Matsya, Kurma, Narasimha and Vamana). Of all the incarnations, the supremest and the most blissful is the Krishna-form. Still, you must realise that the chief purpose of all incarnations is the preservation of Dharma (justice, righteousness, morality, virtue)."

"He who instructs must gauge the qualifications of the learner to receive the lesson. It will be vain effort to try to communicate the highest knowledge to a person belonging to the lowest level. For, he cannot comprehend it. So too, if the instructions that have to be given to the lower levels are given to those of the higher levels, they will derive no satisfaction from that teaching. To make this clear, I shall tell you about a discussion that ensued once between Brahma and Narada. Listen, carefully."

"Brahma once addressed Narada, 'O My mind-projected son! Creation is My task, the way in which I fulfil My mission, My Thapas. I will, and creation happens. But, I lay down certain rules and modes for each species and, if they are properly adhered to, the wheel will turn aright in Dharma. Instead, if the modes and rules are neglected and they toil for the satisfaction of their own wishes, along crooked and misleading paths, they will have to suffer various miseries."

"Day and night are willed by Me. The rulers of living beings are parts of Me. The urge that people have to increase and multiply is the reflection of My will. Sometimes, when the created world has to be sustained, I myself assume name and form and initiate Manvantharas (the eras of Manu), and provide the earth with appropriate divine personalities and sages, who set examples to be followed and indicate the paths for progress."

"I end also the unlimited increase of beings, when it happens. For this, I take on the form of Rudra too. I create the bad, in order to highlight and promote the good; and in order to protect the good, I set certain limits both to the good and the bad, for, they would, otherwise, stray into wrong ways and inflict great harm."