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"I am immanent in every being. People forget Me, who is within and without them; I am the inner core of every being, but they are not aware of this. So, they are tempted to believe the objective world to be real and true, and they pursue objective pleasures, and fall into grief and pain. On the other hand, if they concentrate all attention on Me alone, believing that the Lord has willed everything and everyone, I bless them and reveal to them the truth that they are I and I am they. Thousands have been blessed thus. They are the seekers, the aspirants, the Mahatmas, the sages, the divinely inspired, the manifestations of the divine, the guides who show the path. They have acquired the experience that truth is Brahma."

"I shall tell you about some of them, listen. Sagara, Ikshvaku, Prachinabarhi, Rubhu, Dhruva Raghumaharaj, Yayathi, Mandhatha, Alarka, Sathadhanva, Dileepa, Khali, Bheeshma, Sibi, Pippalada, Saraswatha, Vibhishana, Hanuman, Muchukunda, Janaka, Satharupa, Prahlada, and many Rajarshis, Brahmarshis, princes, nobles - who can be grouped under one category, the Godly (Bhagavathas). They all yearn for the chance to listen to the glories of God. They have all been blessed, irrespective of caste, age, status, or sex; they have among them women, Brahmins, Sudras, and Chandalas."

"I am the cause of all causes. I am Eternal. I am Sath-Chith-Ananda (I am existence, knowledge, bliss). I am Hari and Hara, too; for, I transform Myself into these manifestations as occasion arises. Creation, the universe, is but the projection of My will; it has no basic reality. My son, I declared this truth to you, as a result of My deep love towards you. Others will not be able to grasp the mystery of this creation. What I have just revealed to you is known as concise Bhagavatha."

"Bhagavatha connotes three sections of knowledge:

  • The glory and majesty of the incarnations of God,
  • The names of those who are fully devoted to God and
  • The intimate relationship between God and the godly.

Where these three are found together, there we have the Bhagavatha. All that is visible is not beyond or outside God. Therefore, to put it succinctly, everything is Bhagavatha! Everything is worthy of being honoured so."

"While Brahma was thus teaching Narada with great joy, Narada interrogated Him, in amazement and anxious yearning, thus: 'Lord! As directed by you, I am engaged without intermission in singing the glory of God and enabling the world to derive bliss therefrom. But, this insidious and powerful Maya (delusion) may overpower me any moment, plunge me into wrong, and create obstacles in the path of my mission. Is there any measure by which I can escape this calamity? Kindly instruct me in that and show me this additional sign of your parental affection.'"