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"Consider the difference between Dasaratha, the father and Rama, the son: they are as different as earth and sky! To please his wife, to make her happy and contented, the father was prepared to bear the utmost agony; finally, he even sent his dear son as an exile to the jungle! The son sent his wife into the jungle, as an exile, in order to respect the opinion of a commoner in his empire! Think of the different ways in which the two carried out their duties to the people, over whom they ruled. Dasaratha was overwhelmed by the illusion that he was the physical body. Rama was moved by the realisation that he was the Atma."

"Ah! The virtues and excellences of Rama, I am incapable of describing to you, O king! What greater task and mission in life can a man have, than the contemplation of that supreme person? To save oneself from downfall, the only exercise needed is: Listening to the glorious narrative of the lives of Avatars. When you do so, all sin is washed away," said Suka.

At this Parikshith was delighted; his face flushed with excitement. He said, "Master! While your account of the life and activities, the virtues and charm of Rama - the embodiment of Dharma - is bestowing on me such great Ananda, I wonder how much greater would be the Ananda I can derive when you describe the career of Krishna! He is dark-blue beauty personified. How sweet must be the account of Krishna's childhood pranks, his boyish adventures, his divine Leelas, His divine prattle! I pray that I may be kept immersed in the thought and contemplation of the might and majesty, the charm and beauty of Krishna Himself, during the days that I still have to live. I pray that I may be saved from the cycle of birth and death, thereby."