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XXXIV. Krishnavatara

Hearing this prayer, Suka said, "O king, truly, the Leelas of Krishna are, as you said, amazing, wondrous; but, yet, sweet and meaningful. They are not tainted by the desire to show off the divine nature. The common man is drawn by external pomp, and apparent motives. So, he judges the Leelas as common and even low. The inner meaning and purpose are not easily patent to all. But, the Lord can never engage Himself in purposeless and paltry activities. His advent is for the uplifting of the world from the morass of wickedness and unrighteousness, for fulfilling the needs of those devoted to Him, for the re-establishment of right and morality and for the revival of the Vedas; He has to take into account the merit acquired by each in previous lives and shower His grace accordingly; He makes Himself available through the grant of boons; His Leelas or divine activities are so shaped that they suit the time, the person, the aspiration and the compassion which cause each shower of grace. Therefore, who can comprehend correctly and interpret aright these Leelas?"

"The amazing Leelas of Hari are known to Hari alone, it is said. He can be interpreted by Him alone, not by another. One observation, however, can be made with confidence. The manifest incarnations of God will not engage themselves in the least, for their own sake or for the sake of fulfilling any personal likes! All activity is for the good of the world! Though without them, the world cannot exist and survive, they move and act as if the world has nothing to do with them. In every word and deed of theirs, one can observe the underlying current of total renunciation. For them who hold the worlds in the palm of their hands, what can the world give or withhold? They can shape it as they like."

"Fools, persons without faith, persons who deny God, persons caught in the coils of ignorance, those who do not learn anything - these may see the Leela's of God as self-centred and even motivated by delusion, like the actions of ordinary mortals. But, genuine Bhakthas will cherish them as significant and sustaining examples of grace. How can that be grasped by those who are engrossed in Thwam?"

"King! The actions of Rama, emperor of Kosala, and of Krishna are, you should remember, wide apart. When the wicked and cruel enemies of righteousness were about to overwhelm the good, Krishna and Balarama, the two brothers were born, the one black and the other white (as a head of hair, both black and white), and by their acts that transcended the comprehension of man, astounded the world."

"The Leelas of Krishna are beyond the comprehension of any one, however, scholarly or wise. His movement, his walk, his talk, his smile, his laughter, his gesture, his speech, his song - each is charming with a unique artistry."