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"Wherever He went, He created some strange mischief or other. Like a typhoon sweeping over the land, He left behind in every home that He visited a series of upheavals, quarrels, wailings and tears!"

"There was no need to invite Him ceremoniously into any house; He would enter uninvited, unannounced. Every house belonged to Him; He would get in and take whatever He desired from wherever it was hidden, and eat them to His heart's content."

"He was everyone's dearest kinsman, fastest comrade. So, He could take anything from any house with impunity. But, He was not content with that. He took away much more than His own need, for, He gave away large quantities to His companions too. And, they were quite a large number! The owner might bewail the loss, and condemn the theft, but, He did not care; He gave the things away as if they were His own! No one could hinder His sport; no one could go against His word. If any dared oppose or threaten, the sufferings that will be heaped on his head were indescribable!"

"But, the truth must be told. The smallest act of His was saturated with supreme sweetness. Even the sufferings He inflicted on those He wanted to punish were sweet. So, no one felt the least anger towards Him. Instead, they yearned to meet Him more often, to play with Him longer, to talk with Him and stay with Him as much as possible. Whatever His pranks and practical jokes, the victims never felt annoyed at Him."

"The reason was: the Prema, the undercurrent of love, that motivated all His words and acts. The cowherd maids rushed towards Him with sticks to beat Him off, but, when they neared Him and cast their looks at Him, their hearts were filled with Prema, and they came away, with a prayer on their tongues. Whatever He did, appeared as divine sport, Leela."

"And the manner of His speech! It was so pleasing and so clever, it was mostly intended to mislead! He put sand into His mouth before all His companions; but, when His mother took Him to task for it, He denied it and put out His tongue to prove His denial! He rendered true statements false and false statements true! He went daily to Vrishabhendrapura, the village where Radha lived. Many people saw Him on the road, while going and returning. But yet, when His mother accosted Him and challenged Him, saying, 'Why are you trekking every day such long distances? Have you no comrades here, in this place itself, to play with?' He replied, 'I do not know that road at all!' He caused confusion in every home, created factions between mothers-in-law and the daughters-in-law, set them one against the other, and enjoyed the fun. He was seldom stationary in one place, from dawn when He rose from bed till the hour when He went to sleep. This little bundle of mischief roamed from house to house, without rest."

"In spite of all this, the villagers could not bear His absence, even for an instant! If He did not put in His appearance any day, the milkmaids watched for His visit, peeping at the road through the windows or looking into the distance from the terrace. Such was the charm of the divine Love that Krishna showered on them and the Love that the people had towards Him. His pranks were so heart-warming; they were so inspiring and meaningful."